I build things customers want to use

Everything from comprehensive test prep platforms to Alexa voice ordering beer experiences.

Dan is a very talented developer who consistently learns new technologies and figures out ingenious ways to use them. In the past few months of working together, in addition to building a production ready IoT capability, he built a VR experience, voice translation services, and many other innovative demos. He is a great catch for any innovative team.

–France Roy, CTO | AB-InBev ()

Technologies I work with...


Dynamic Dental Edu.

Sole developer and designer on a team of four to conceptualize and develop a comprehensive dental test prep platform.

It features an intuitive frontend and full CMS, with an OAuth2-secured API.

Chinese RPG

Designing a web adventure game that facilitates language learning through well-defined heuristics.

Implemented speech recognition and native pronunciation to test users' oral and listening skills.

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Alexa Voice Shopping

Mock prototype of an online voice-enabled shopping experience that I built for Anheuser-Busch using the Amazon Echo.

Contact me to set up a demo through https://echosim.io/.

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Viewers to Volunteers

Frontend developer on a large-contract social media site for CBS which promotes community outreach.

This project was particularly meaningful for me as volunteerism has played a pivotal role in my life. Ask about it :)

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Fuzz Productions Site

Lead developer on Fuzz company website frontend/backend overhaul.

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Speech App

Foreign language Speech app to manipulate, narrate, and translate content on the fly.

With the help of Google APIs, built custom lexers to break up sentence structure into meaningful parts.

Lexicana's Destiny

Learn languages to save the world.

Lexicana's Destiny is a unique method of teaching foreign language in a fun and engaging way. It immerses students in a game world where they follow the storyline of becoming the hero as they save a village fallen under siege of an Ancient Dragon and his minions.

While immersed in the storyline, the student uses the underlying language instruction system to solve game challenges which allows them to progress to new quests and new levels. Each level has several quests, which each contain several characters with challenges to solve.

With months of hard work, and the help of a close friends and contributors, I was able to host successful beta tests at Connecticut high schools.

I traveled with a few teammates to work with 20+ students and teachers as they tried out my product. With built-in metrics collection, a feedback dashboard for teachers, and well-tested game design, the students were able to play through all 4 quests of the game. The beta lasted about two hours.

This was an amazing experience that taught me about iterative design, validation, and usability testing.

Students found themselves in situations I had never dreamed of which was humbling to say the least. Fortunately, a post-game survey showed 100% interest in replay and positive learning trends. The average sweetspot of words learned per day is 15, yet many of my students were able to recall 15 vocab words within 2 hours.

Check out the game!